These Measures are Temporary


Due to a situation regarding unavailability of archived NACD training records, which we hope soon to be resolved, we ask that you follow the guideline steps below to better service your request to obtaining a replacement c-card.  If you are only looking to up-date to the newer NACD photo c-card and have a copy of your old Red C-Card then please proceed to use the Application Form below. The NACD will work to get properly certified divers their c-cards.  We may ask for additional information to validate certification. THE NACD WILL NOT ISSUE A REPLACEMENT C-CARD UNTIL SATISFACTORY VALIDATION REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET


If you have questions or are uncertain of what is needed to validate your NACD certification please contact us at:


DO NOT PAY A REPLACEMENT FEE UNTIL WE HAVE VALIDATED YOUR CERTIFICATION. We will invoice you the processing fee once validation is confirmed


If you do not have your old c-card or your c-card is damged and unreadable then follow the guidelines below:


1.  Look around in old files to see if you have a copy of your NACD Student Registration Form provided to you by your NACD Instructor at the time of your certification training.  If you can find this form - scan it and then use the Application Form below and upload a copy of the NACD Student Registration form and a photo ID., pay the processing fee.


2. If you do not have neither the c-card or a copy of the student registration form attempt to contact your  NACD instructor for a copy of the form.   Contact the NACD at:  for assistance. DO NOT USE the Application Form


3.  If you are simply looking to replace a damaged c-card, please up-load a image of both sides of the c-card and  photo ID,  Then use the Replacement Application Form below or contact us at to confirm assistance.and replacement. We will invoice you for replacement card processing when all is confirmed


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