Nominees for the 2017 NACD Board of Directors Positions

(Nominees Statements are in No Particular Order and Do Not Reflect Any Preference)

Rick Murcar, Life Member


Current Position: Instructor Director


I have been a member of the NACD since 2001 and have fulfilled many positions on committees and the Board itself.  I was the Membership Chair leading the agency to its highest level of membership exceeding 1500 members world wide, I beleive with leadership and great team work this can be achieved again and surpassed. I served on many NACD Committees including the Training Committee, where I contributed to the current NACD Student Cavern and Cave Manual, personally having written more than 5 of it's chapters. As Vice-President, I pushed for better observation of the NACD By-Laws and governance with a focus always to protecting the NACD, it's Members and the Cave Community as a whole.  On more than one occassion I stepped up as Acting president leading the NACD through some very challenging times often seeking specialized outside assistance for complex matters at no cost to the NACD.   Upon becoming President I lead the implementation of the new photo c-card reducing fraudulant use of the older red c-cards whilst increasing diver safety.  Participated on State Level Boards to ensure the continued use of cave systems such aas Eagle's Nest.  With support from the current board members specifically the current Training Director, We worked to implement a Cave Rebreather Program and soon to come welcome a Cave Trimix Program


The NACD is at a cross roads in it's growth with new technologies available to divers and strong pressure from profit agencies, cave diving has become a competitive International market.  The NACD as a 501c(3) Non-profit organization can compete and win. In 2017 we reached out to the international coimmunity offering structrure and guidence, this is reflected in the current board composition of members.  There is much work to be  done to prepare and move forward, I would like to continue to serve you the NACD Member, the Cave Community and the Agency,  It is my intent to do so and I hope that you will agree. Please vote Yes!

Martin Robson, Annual Renewed Member


Current Position: Instructor Director



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